45 Years MC68000 and The Flame is back

Find your computer retrospective in our unique book series

68000 Anniversary

The systems battle in the IT industry came to a head with... 

CRACKERS: A Saga of Software Piracy

Digital visions and copy parties, intrigues and industrial espionage, disk traders and... 

The Atari ST and The Creative People

A comprehensive look at the ups and downs of the Atari ST... 

  • Neo-modern

    As an independent publisher, Microzeit is committed to a neo-modern take on the digital retro scene. The narratives focus on the human experience and social needs when dealing with ”modern technology”.

  • Pop culture

    The constitution of a digital age is condensed in our image-rich narratives of pop cultural influences, historical accounts, advertising, economic factors and interviews with numerous eye witnesses.

  • Retro books

    Retrospectives on technological experiences are always linked to the conditions of industries, systems, societies or groups. We do not talk about computer systems without the constraints they impose.

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Reports, interviews, reviews and podcasts about our publications, including Retro Gamer 🇬🇧🇩🇪, Skrolli 🇫🇮, Custom PC Mag 🇬🇧, Atari Legend TV 🇧🇪, Retrokomp 🇵🇱, Videospielgeschichten 🇩🇪, Pixelnostalgie 🇩🇪, RetroManiac 🇪🇸, Return 🇩🇪, Männerquatsch 🇩🇪, ST-Computer 🇩🇪, RetrogamesMaster 🇬🇧, RVG 🇬🇧, ZZAP Amiga 🇬🇧, The Games Machine 🇮🇹 … and more.

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Over the years, we have been featured in numerous media, channels, magazines, podcasts and blogs by journalists and retro fans.

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Take the opportunity and get hold of one of our promotional cards at a trade fair or retro market. 📨 We always have special offers ready for these occasions. You can also have your book/s 📚 signed ✍🏻 by the author and ask questions about the content or make requests. Even in the noise of a fair, we are ready for a conversation. 🗣️

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We are fans ourselves and enjoy participating in retro events in Germany and other European countries.

Games | History | Design

We ❤️ to uncover the backstories of computer and video games and put them into a larger context. Each of our books deals with different timelines and connects the past with the future. 👾 At the same time, we create a highly visual reading experience that bundles information and helps you fully immerse yourself in the exciting era of home computing. 💾

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Barbarian (Death Sword) and Rambo: First Blood Part II were indexed in Germany, resulting in an unusually high number of pirated copies.